Here you will find the most common questions regarding to your visit to Smålandet. Do you have a question you can't find answers to here. Please contact us.

Can i bring the dog in my car when I drive through the safari park?
We allow dogs in the car as long as they are in the car and are not able to run out. We take the right to say no to dogs that bark at the animals.

Can I bring the dog on the train?
We say no to dogs in the train as some moose do not want to approach the train when there is a dog near by. The dog can remind the moose of its worst enemy the wolf.

Can i bring my own food/ picnic to the park?
At the parking place behind the old oak are many picnic tables to use for your own food. It is not allowed to bring your own food to the restaurant or the cafe or to use the withe tables in the yard for your own picnic.

Can I eat waffles on the rooftop?
Yes you can sit on the rooftop or anywhere else in the restaurant. The restaurant and waffle house belong to the same activity.

Can I feed the moose from my own car?
Feeding from the cars is only allowed after 4.30 pm. You will receive branches at the park entrance.

Can I buy souvenirs online?
We do not have an online service, we only have a physical store.