Photo Competition 2023

The winners will be presented at our website December 15th.

Send us your best pictures from your visit at Smålandet! The three best pictures will be awarded with a prize(1st prize 2000:- 2nd prize 1000:- and 3rd 500:-). The pictures have to be sent to us before December 1th.

Send the pictures to: Smålandet preserves the right to use any of the pictures entered in the competition.

The winners of Smålandets photo contest 2022

In 2022, the first prize goes to Mikael Nilsson from Sweden.

Mikael wins first prize with this scenic wilderness image.

The picture shows the one year old moose Carola drinking from the creek that runs through the entire safari park.

The jury justifies its decision as follows. The picture is taken with the right sense of wild nature and is of high quality.

Second prize goes to Britta Dähn from Schwerin in Germany

Britta takes home second prize with this professional picture of the great bison bull Montana and one of his cows during the mating season that takes place in summer. The image's harmonious colours and detail make it the runner-up.

Third prize goes to Christian Grieger from Germany

There are many inhabitants in the park besides the moose. Never before have the squirrels that live in the park been captured on a photo with such incredible clarity. If you look closely, you can see that the squirrel's teats protrude from its udder. Hopefully we'll see more squirrels next year.

Thank you to all who have participated in the competition.