Photo Competition 2024

The winners will be presented at our website December 15th.

Send us your best pictures from your visit at Smålandet! The three best pictures will be awarded with a prize(1st prize 2000:- 2nd prize 1000:- and 3rd 500:-). The pictures have to be sent to us before December 1st.

Send the pictures to: Smålandet preserves the right to use any of the pictures entered in the competition.

The winners of Smålandets photo contest 2023

Niclas Hornung wins the top prize with a stunning photo of the moose named Sven.

The judges explain their choice this way: Sven, a four-year-old moose, relaxes in a bright spot within the dark forest. The sun's rays beautifully highlight his majestic appearance. It captures a moment of peace and contrast, blending the calm of the wilderness with the mysteries of the dark forest.

Mikael Nillson from Sweden wins second prize with a picture of the elk calf Runar.

The jury justifies the prize like this. Little elk calf Runar, only a few days old, carefully explores the enchanting forest with curious eyes. His mother Carola is always nearby, keeping a watchful eye on him. A tender image where the little elk's first steps encounter the mystique of the forest.

Thomas Wolf wins the third prize with a picture of this proud and colorful rooster, Toker.

Toker belongs to the Brahma chicken breed, one of the largest and most beautiful chicken breeds in the world. Just like Toker, they are known for being calm and kind.

The jury justifies the prize as follows. Rooster Toker, proudly framed in the picturesque Småland rose garden, captured in the perfect moment as he stretches out his leg for a graceful step. An image where Smålandic charm meets the elegance of nature, with Toker as the generous director of his own majestic performance.

Thank you to all who have participated in the competition.