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We work with 40 other attractions in southern Sweden that are worth a visit. Most are within 10 km but some are further away, see the map below if someone crosses your path.

When you visit us, check out their brochures. Each brochur has their own numbered spot and you can find the number on the map next to it

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Astrid Lindgrens Värld

Kronoberg Castle
is a medieval ruin located on an island in lake Helgasjön, 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of the town of Växjö in Småland, Sweden. Kronoberg County, in which it is located, was named after the castle. The castle ruin is open to tourists in the summer months.

Lilla land

Smålands Museum

Established in 1867, Smålands museum is Sweden’s oldest county museum. Its permanent exhibitions include pieces and historical items carrying regional affiliation from the Stone Age and later. The museum is located in the centre of Växjö in Småland.


Ljungbergmuseet (Artmuseum)

The Ljungberg Museum shows paintings, drawings, graphics and books by Ann Margret Dahlqvist-Ljungbergs and Sven Ljungberg. Every year one or several exhibitions are performed in cooperation with other

Svarta bergen

Svarta bergen (Black mountain)

”Hard as rock” is a well-known expression. It must be said, however, that some rocks are harder than others. And here in the Svarta Bergen quarries you will find the hardest black rock in the world – diabase or black granite.

Angelholms jarnvagsmuseum

Swedish Railway Museum, Ängelholm One of the two sites that make up the Swedish Railway Museum is foun just south of Ängelholm railway station. This is a first class family attraction with plenty to amuse all ages. There are many historic engines, carriages and wagons on display from the steam, diesel and electric eras.

Angelholms jarnvagsmuseum

Ängelholms Aviation museum
The museum is a many-sided museum. There are aircraft, aero engines, pilot equipment, a radar central in a “rock shelter” and a number of authentic surroundings connected to aviation. Our visitors can test a J 35 Dragon (J 35 Draken) cockpit.

Hovdala Slott

Hovdala castel
In the old border region between Denmark and Sweden. It is an area filled with fascinating historic sites.In the 17th century there was a bitter guerilla war fought out in the depths of the forest between the "snapphanar" (musket men), pro-Danish partisans, and the Swedish army. One of the major battles took place at Hovdala castle.

Angelholms jarnvagsmuseum

Fotevikens museum’s reconstructed Viking environment, the Viking town at Höllviken. Enjoy the exciting Viking history as it was played out for about 900 years ago. 1100s is an extremely exciting time, a time of transition between the Viking age and the Middle age. It was during this time that the novel character Arn lived.

Hovdala Slott

Trelleborgen Trelleborg derives its origins from the Viking Age, and nowadays the reconstructed ring castle from the time of Harald Bluetooth is one of the major tourist magnets. Another is Smygehuk, Sweden's and Scandinavia's southernmost headland, where the summertime in particular sees the region come alive.

Angelholms jarnvagsmuseum

Johanna Museum in Skåne is generously renovated vintage cars, motorcycles, bicycles and a large number of technological gadgets, as well as the usual appliances of yesteryear. In the background played tones from a large market positive, even from the jukebox's predecessor, music machine.


Vandalorum is an art and design center for high-quality presentations and programs within these areas, and also for the overlapping area in between. Vandalorum is intended as a meeting place, for the local and regional as well as the national and international. We want to offer close collaborations between artists, designers, and the industry.

Svedinos automobile and Aviation Museum

Svedino’s Automobile and Aviation Museum is one of the major collections in Europe of vintage cars and aircraft. The collection comprises over 100 cars, 40 aircraft, motorcycles, engines etc.


Welcome to Beredskapsmuseet Beredskapsmuseet is Sweden´s only museum in an underground military Battery from World War II: Battery Helsingborg. The museum consists of

Huseby bruk

Huseby Bruk, south of Växjö, is a well-preserve, living works environment with roots in the 19th century. The works were bequeathed to the state by their last owner in 1979 and since then, they have been preserved and renovated, and infused new life into the whole area. The castle remains untouched with all its interior fittings.